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Graphic Design

The difference between good illustration and typography is the attention paid to the smallest of details.

Logo & Packaging Design

Probably two of the biggest and most recognizable logos today are Apple and Android. Because of the extensive brand marketing, just the mere sight of these logos bring to mind many thoughts and ideas. Look around, everywhere you go you are surrounded, surrounded by Logo Designs of all types looking to inspire you in a similar way.

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Illustration & Typography

For business conveying the desired message is most important. Thankfully we are now living in an age where this message can be designed right into the company design by the use of illustration and typography. Simply put; it is the art of putting together images and type to invoke a desired reaction. The use of colors, fonts, size, texture, shades and images come together to stir the audience.

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Book Cover Designs

A great, compelling book cover is crucial to driving book sales. The best covers contain evocative designs that give form to the book’s content. Our graphic designer can create an eye-catching cover for your stand-alone book or for your entire series. A key to building your author brand is to maintain continuity in your book covers. You want your readers to immediately recognize your subsequent books.

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Graphic Art and Design

As a designer and marketer I look at illustration and typography as a tool to drive a response, create a mood, inspire an action for a product/service. In some ways it is like working in reverse. In consultation the desired effect is imagined, a goal envisioned. It is from those desired goals that the design take shape, there is no other purpose for this design but to fulfill the desired goal.

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Graphic Design Spotlight

Talented Designer

Graphic Artist performs wonders

It is one thing to have a single talent, but quite another when you are blessed with many. Rafa is an expert in his field. He provides our clients with a perspective from many angles.

Rafa is just one of our very talented graphic designers with a strong emphasis on advertising, branding and web design. He has management experience, and is also experienced in negotiating with clients in both English and Spanish. He can interpret and anticipate a client’s needs with ease, in both print and digital media. He has the ability to develop advertising campaigns, from developing the plan, brief, concept, design chart, storyboard and editing. He has wide knowledge in marketing, consumer behavior, media, public relations and new technologies.

  • Prototype
  • Sketch Ape
  • Sketch Lion
  • El Faro - Aviso Agenda del Mar
  • Casagrande - volante tiro
  • Patio del Castellano - logo

Bring your brand to life creatively.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Tufel Media graphic design can make each word count.

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