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Book Cover Design

Our graphic design team can design your ebook cover as well as your print book cover.

Ebook Covers

Our graphic design team can create a distinctive and eye-catching ebook cover. We help you with your author branding! And it all starts with your cover art. The ebook cover design is different from the print cover design. Ebook covers are limited to a much smaller area. Because of this, blurbs, subtitles and taglines should be kept to a minimum. Also, your name and title should be clearly visible on thumbnails and smaller versions that can be shown on Amazon and other retailers. We can design a cover that your readers will recognize by creating a unique brand around your books.

Sand by Lili Tufel

Print Book Covers

Print book covers differ from ebook covers in size as well as in color. Colors used online and on all electronic devices are different from colors used on brochures, flyers and print book covers. We can create your beautiful print book cover which can include blurbs, awards, taglines and much more. The written content on the cover of a print book is easier to read than on the ebook cover. The print book cover design needs to be meticulously measured for the size of the spine, sleeve and borders. Our graphic design team will combine the graphic elements, with the typography of the title and author name, on your print book cover, which are all part of your author branding.

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