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Tufel Media Digital Marketing Helps Build Your Social Media Empire!

Are you frustrated because despite all your traditional marketing efforts, your business still isn't where you would like it to be?

It is time to consider a paradigm shift — a radical change in thinking — from the costly mass media blitz advertising to a more cost- effective campaign of relationship building and community growth, in a niche market, through social media.

Social Media is the most effective way to acquire highly targeted customers.

This current generation uses social media more than they use any other platform! If you are not prepared to connect with your customers through Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , Pinterest and Instagram , your competitors will gladly do so!


With over 1 billion Facebook users alone, you can imagine that many of your customers are utilizing some form of social media, especially Facebook!

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Time is precious. Even though Twitter is free, your time isn't. Building a social media following and engaging with your followers can be very time consuming.

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Google Plus

Google+ is owned by none other than Google! Having an optimized account on Google+ is a MUST, especially for businesses! Understanding the differences between "Pages" and "Local" is crucial.

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It is important to understand a social network's demographics for the greatest benefit of your brand. LinkedIn is the platform and online Rolodex for business professionals. LinkedIn is the place to be for business to business.

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"Companies that can rock visual media most effectively are reigning supreme." — Forbes You cannot afford to ignore the Pinterest powerhouse.

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It's easy to get lost in the fun of sharing photos from dinner and the occasional selfie, BUT don't forget to use Instagram as a business and NOT as a consumer.

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Stay at the Forefront of Your Customers’ Minds!

Build Brand Awareness

Showcase Your Brand

Businesses are looking to social media to create new opportunities, and are aware of the possibilities it brings.

Marketing on social media is about building community around your brand. Our team will give your brand a personal, yet professional touch. We will optimize your accounts on the top social networks, using keywords and specific brand imaging. We’ll create a professional banner and profile image that showcases your brand message and personality.

Join us today! We’ll get you started on the top social networks!

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Tufel Media Digital Marketing is your full service social media team.

We create and manage accounts that engage your customers using the top social media sites.

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