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Graphic Design

The difference between good illustration and typography is the attention paid to the smallest of details.

Graphic Design

Let us say that you are ready for business. You want to announce it to the world. Your selling a product or service. The task at hand is to persuade, explain and demonstrate just how valuable what you’re offering, is and just how much they need it. In all your enthusiasm, you will tell everyone you meet. Yet you know you must take it to the next level, a website, a logo, packaging, branding, and some ads. This is where graphic design comes in.

Designers work with all different types of images in various formats, along with typefaces that are creatively manipulated in a way that informs, stimulates, energizes, and identifies. The type of work we do here at Tufel Media Digital Marketing is geared towards branding a product or service in a way that will effectively deliver the message to a targeted audience. Our designs attract attention that is positive, memorable and pleasing.

Types of Graphic Design

Which ever type of graphic design you prefer, we can creatively convey a branded message that is right for your business. Here are a few to consider.

Logo Design-Harley Davidson
  • Image Design: The use of images in the right way can inspire and motivate in many ways. Designers create and develop images with the intent to evoke thoughts and emotions. People respond to these images in particular ways. Successful use of image-based design requires an understanding of the audience the design is marketing to, such as an image of a skull and crossbones on a bottle of poison.
  • Typography Designs: Using words is a great way to get a message across, designers just do it in a different way than let’s say a writer would. A designer puts a greater emphasis on how the words look than into their meaning. That is not to say that the words don’t matter just that the designer is going to bring more meaning to the word as it stands. By understanding the audience the message is going out to, a designer will make simple typed words leap off the screen/page. These techniques can help to develop a brand reputation or idea that is desirable. We are dedicated to just that type of service here at Tufel Media Digital Marketing.
  • Image and Type: Combining the two can sometimes create an even more powerful way of conveying a branded message. A designer should not go wild with this power. It is important to find a balance between the two so that what is most important, the branded message, is delivered.
  • Logos are probably the best example of these three types as they are intended to be condensed, concise, information and identity providers. Their goal is to deliver to the viewer a clear and complete message as to “who we are.” For example, take one of probably the most recognizable logos known, Harley Davidson Motorcycles. This is a great use of colors, font and design, it reaches out to the audience and leave an impression that will have a positive and long lasting effect on all that see it.

The Role of a Graphic Designer

While it is understood that creativity is a must for any type of graphic designer, there are other attributes to be had. They need to be facilitators, coordinators and sometimes psychologists. They need to be able to look out into the audience, delve into the mind of the consumer, and devise a way to connect the clients message to the masses. At times a client, so passionate about the messages, can fail to see the many different ways the message can be delivered. It can be difficult at time to overcome these obstacles, this is why a reliable and professional firm like Tufel Media Digital Marketing is the best partner to have when you feel that only the best will do. We strive to help all of our clients build the brand they envisioned when they first started their business. Let us help bring that vision to a reality..

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