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The Tufel Media Digital Marketing team delivers with trust, integrity and passion!

Meet the Tufel Media Team.

We have a talented team of graphic designers, web designers and content writers. Our creative teams are a collaboration of individuals with extensive experience in careers ranging from sales and marketing, public relations to a bestselling author. In addition to our managers, we also have a wide range of hand-picked freelancers who are on-call for specific projects.

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    Lili Tufel
    Social Media Content Director

    Lili is a Bestselling Author of action adventure. She has a sales background and a love for teaching.

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    Marcela Rodriguez
    Social Media Content Manager

    Marcela is a supporter of locally grown, art, music, food, small businesses and their roles in our culture.

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    John Enfield
    Social Media Content Manager

    John is a IT computer tech, an established horticulturist, and a well known movie buff and bookworm.

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    Paige Pentzke
    Graphic Artist

    Paige is Adobe Certified in Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash, and is very proficient in Illustrator.

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    Rafael Arango
    Web Designer

    Rafa is a talented artist; Adobe Certified in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash.

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