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Illustrations and Typography

We can surround your content and branding message with great illustrations!

Lion Illustration

Graphic Illustrations

Illustrations have become an integral part of digital marketing design. They add a unique branding element. Used properly, illustrations can set your company apart from the rest of the noise. When designing for a website, logo or any other works for display, the goal is to convey your business branding message in a way that a memorable experience is created.

Seen and Unseen

Illustrations can make the difference between a business that is seen, and a business that is remembered. An eye catching scene, or some nice artwork, can bring a page to life and a uniqueness than to your site alone. Surrounding your content and branding message with great illustrations is just the start of how Tufel Media Digital Marketing can bring about a long lasting and positive experience.



When used as it was intended, typography can be a powerful and inspiring tool. All too many times, and I am sure you have come across this a few times yourself, a simple message is delivered with so many colors, loops and frills in the font, and with a background that is disturbing so much so the message was abandoned. While, I think in the same way, we can also recall a time where we actually did take in a message, and at some point did take notice of how well put together it was. Kind of a hidden euphoric wave comes over you, that is great typography.


Now, I could bore you with all the elements of great typography. I could tell you about how consistency is a must; kerning, typefaces, bullets and formatting is so important. How the hierarchy must flow with the messages intent in mind, so as not to lose the focus, or worse confuse the reader. Or I could really put you to sleep and tell you about how certain alignments deliver a particular feel, and even spice it up with attitude. I guess in a small way, I have given an idea as to how typography is best used.

Worth It

Your business is worth doing it right. Tufel Media Digital Marketing has always taken on each and every client with the conviction of the business is ours also. It is this type of attention and desire that allows us to creatively use illustrations and typography to create that euphoric feeling. It is something we are in the business of doing.

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