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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is constantly growing and changing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To properly optimize your site takes cooperation between you and your developer. Working together, creating site content, plays an even larger role in how well your page(s) rank. The value of links and the proper use of details, such as page titles, snippets, keywords and all sorts of different meta data... Whoa! This can get complicated very quickly. There are lots of items to care for in order to get your site to the top of Mt SEO. To get there will take a bit of talent and technique, and some effort, but I know we can get you there.

Search Engines

The good thing is the number one search engine, Google, is generally followed by most every other desirable search engine, like Bing and Yahoo. Search engines have tuned their algorithm to providing customer satisfaction, which is a big change in the evaluation method of just a few years ago. We work with these changes, along with other criteria, to present your page(s) to search engines in a way that is clear and positioned to connect to your target.


Give Them What They Want

Once you know what the search engine is asking for, you can give it to them. What they give you in return is well worth the effort, time and money. We go through a list of search engine algorithm criteria and apply them to your sites pages. This will give us a clear view of what is missing. Then, we can then work together to provide those missing items. While it may be very difficult to give them everything, getting as close as we can will raise our rankings. In turn, this gets us out in front of our target audience, which means more opportunities for success. When SEO is applied correctly, it can return tremendous results. To achieve this, one must have a plan of action, and we do! Let us put that plan to work for you!

Get Ready to Launch

First thing to do is to get your site recognized on the search engines. Using the search engine WebMaster Tool is a great way to introduce your site, specifically with Google and Bing, as they are the largest search engines. Using these tools can become a bit overwhelming for some and this is why we recommend that you allow us to handle your SEO. Each page, starting at the top, with the URL and the page title needs to express what the page is about. Provide meta data such as keywords and description along with authorship, if available. Including this type of information will help you get your SEO plan off on the right foot. We can really help here. Creating a sitemap will also help navigate the site easily, especially for the search engine robots and spiders. We optimize your tags, alts, links and images so their purpose and promotion is clear. Including social media sites can help boost your page ranking and is a great way to share the news about all the great content you have, especially newly added content. Content quality and clarity is a big part of how well your site page(s) will place within a query. Let us help you get the most out of your site’s SEO performance.

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