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Eye Catching Design

Designing Your Website to Catch the Eye of Every Visitor

Eye Catching Design

A site well done will provide a fine blend of form and function. This is especially important if the purpose of your site is to provide a product or service. The last thing you want is for your visitor to struggle to get past your site design to place an order. There are too many other sites out there making it easy for visitors to convert themselves into customers. Our web design team is experienced in business as much as they are in design. Making it easy for you to get what you need to take your business to the next level.

Keep It Professional

Unless you're an artist that is looking to express yourself on a website, you should keep your site looking professional. We all want to be unique in our delivery; the key is to stay within a design that is best suited for the target audience. Your design should all work together:

  • Colors can set a tone. Make sure the tone hits the target.
  • Fonts should be easy to read. Over stylized fonts can be a turnoff.
  • Images are always good, especially if they work with the text. Here bigger is not always better.
  • Layout and overall flow should be clear and focused while not becoming overly aggressive.

Catch the Eye of the Scanner

Today most visitors will "scan" a page for what it is they are looking for. We designing your page(s) to catch the eye of these visitors with headings, images, bullets, emboldening and key words and phrases that stand out from the rest of the content, grabbing their attention. A visually pleasing design, coupled with with ease of navigation, will have your site crawling with visitors that will soon be customers.

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