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We can help you build relationships with your followers who can become your most loyal customers.

More than just collecting followers

Twitter is more than just collecting followers. It is about connecting with your followers. Just because someone has a large following, doesn't necessarily mean you should have them manage your Social Media. There are many cheaters out there who have found ways to collect Twitter followers but at the end of the day, those are empty follows. When choosing the right social media manager for your business, look beyond the numbers of followers. A social media manager should have a background in managing businesses as well as experience in public relations. Tufel Media has the proven results!

Twitter Building Community

Build Community

You wouldn’t want your brand to come off as snobby by ignoring new followers. We welcome new followers as an opportunity to connect. We do this by following back! This is how we build community and relationships. Building community is the basis of inbound marketing. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to become customers if they have made a connection with a brand online.

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