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Boards and Pinning Etiquette

Tufel Media can help you create original content. We can help amplify your brand’s exposure.

Increasing Visibility

People collect and organize the things they love on Pinterest. The key to increasing visibility is to create amazing visual content! If you’re simply re-pinning other people’s pins and pinning images from other websites, then you’re not utilizing Pinterest as a business. Sure, it’s okay to repin someone else’s pin once in a while, and definitely giving credit to the original artist. After all, social media is about building awesome communities filled with engagement. Which means you should reciprocate and repin other’s pins once in a while, BUT the majority of your pins should be original content. And your pins should always point to your website, more importantly, a landing page on your website that includes a call to action.

Album Crafters

Grow Your Brand

When you have your website visitors pinning the images from your website and sharing them on Pinterest, and you have your Pinterest pins pointing to your website, your are expanding your brand. You build your brand by giving users, who want to share your images, a smooth transition from Pinterest to your website and back to Pinterest. People want to share great content but they can’t do that if a website is not pinnable or you make it difficult for them to share your content.

Pinning Etiquette

We have all kinds of ideas for things businesses can share on Pinterest. We make sure that all your posts are content-rich and brand related. We can share photos, videos, quotes, how-to’s, checklists, infographics, articles, etc. We know the right times to post, and when your posts will be the most visible. Did you know that the highest engagement on Pinterest is on Saturday mornings? Here’s one thing you should know. Be careful to not over post in one sitting! A lot of people make the mistake of pinning too many things all at once. Doing this fills up your followers feed and can make you look spammy. Don’t worry, we know when to post and how much to post. We’ll help maintain your brand’s integrity.

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