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Personal Profile Vs Company Page

While Instagram shows a more personal side, your LinkedIn profile should show your most professional side.

Personal Profile

Make sure your profile has been completed and optimized. You need a professional head-shot and an attention grabbing headline. Your experience should be clear and concise. Make sure to include your website URL! Also, along with your contact information, you should include a clear call to action. A call to action on your personal profile is important. Your personal profile may be the first thing a new customer sees. For this reason, you should utilize the summary area and make your summary keyword-rich and compelling.

Company Pages

You can achieve more influence on LinkedIn if you connect using both your personal profile as well as a company page. LinkedIn provides you with many opportunities for networking. One way is to connect you with your trusted contacts through your email, Facebook profile and other social networks. Another way is to connect you with users in your industry and it allows you to exchange industry knowledge and ideas. Users on LinkedIn look to experts and read articles, searching for ideas and inspiration. Our social media team can help your company produce rich content that helps you attract new connections and build your network.

Contacts and Connections

LinkedIn has a great feature that allows you to download an Excel file of all your LinkedIn contacts which can be uploaded to most email marketing campaigns. The Excel file includes an email list of all your 1st degree connections. When you connect with someone on your personal LinkedIn profile, they become a 1st degree connection. All of the users they are connected to immediately become your 2nd degree connection. All of the users connected to your 2nd degree connections become your 3rd degree connection. We can help you expand your reach by researching your 2nd and 3rd degree connections that are in your target market, and we help you connect with them.

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