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Targeting the Mobile Customer

Instagram is the perfect place to build brand visibility for mobile users. Our team can help you market your company directly from a mobile device!

Mobile-Only Users

mobile-only users

While Instagram started as a mobile-only social network, it now allows users to comment and edit their account information from the Web. The idea of Instagram is to snap a photo, add a filter and transform the photo into a professional-looking snapshot. Then, instantly share it with your followers. This is why Instagram is most popular with mobile users. As a business, you can share all kinds of brand related photos. While other social networks are great for sharing and promoting written content, image-based sharing can humanize your brand. Some consumers are endeared to brands who show a glimpse of their human side.

Image-Based Sharing

It is important to remember to utilize Instagram as a business and not as a consumer. For example, if you’re the owner of a restaurant, you may notice that your loyal customers are already posting images of their food on Instagram. Take advantage of this opportunity to invite photo-sharing by simply asking your fans to share their favorite images by using a specific hashtag or by tagging your brand to their photos. Not only will you be posting great images on your profile, but you can also enlist the help of your followers to take photos of your products and share them with the world. You need a team of professionals who understand your consumers in order to market your business properly!


Instagram allows you to include one link as part of your bio. Make sure that you include a URL that sends consumers to your website and make sure your site is mobile friendly. Also, the URL should send them directly to a landing page where they can easily buy your product or service. This means that your website should have calls to action and your products or services can be easily found. Consumers don’t want to work hard to find your information. Having users hunt around for prices or contact information can cause you to lose sales. We can help you create a better user experience!

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