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Common Instagram Mistakes

A presence on Instagram is important. Our team can help you avoid common Instagram mistakes.

No Bio

Don’t make the mistake on Instagram to leave your bio blank. Some people have a celebrity mentality. They think that people will automatically know who they are or what they’re about simply by looking at their images. This is not necessarily true. Don’t leave it up to consumers to try to figure out what type of product or service you are promoting. Not everyone will take the time to decipher your brand. Perhaps you are a celeb, and some people do know what you’re about. Wouldn’t it be better if you made it easy for more people who don’t know you to get to know who you are without any confusion? Make your bio clear and concise. A clear brand message opens the doors for a larger audience.

Don’t Lose Sight of The Reasons You Are Using Instagram

Instagram Mobile

As with all social media marketing, a general rule of thumb is to use 80 percent rich content and 20 percent promotional ads. A common mistakes marketers make is to lose sight of the reasons why they are using Instagram in the first place. They either blast their audience with self-serving ads all the time or they spend so much time sending out content, they never mention their own products or services. Don’t make this mistake. There has to be a balance. You don’t want to be seen by your followers as a spammer but you also don’t want people to love your puppy photos while having no idea what type of products you sell or what type of services you offer. Our team at Tufel Media makes sure that we give your business an authentic, personal feel while maintaining a clear brand message and building brand visibility.

Instagram isn’t just for kids.

Some business owners are reluctant to use Instagram. They brush it off as just another networking site, used mostly by kids. Instagram requires you to be at least 13 years old before you can create an account. There shouldn’t be any kids under 13 on the social network. Even so, Instagram has proved to be a popular site among teens. This shouldn’t deter business owners from marketing on Instagram. There are plenty of adults joining Instagram. Another mistake is to allow your teen to manage your Instagram account. While it’s true that teens can handle an account filled with friends where there’s plenty of engagement and interaction. They don’t have the life experience to study consumer trends in order to read the minds of target consumers. Your business demands the research and study of your target consumer’s online behaviors, in order to properly market to them in their own language. This type of research and experience is better left to professionals.

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