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Google Plus

Google integrates with all of its other popular features such as gmail, maps, places and search.
We help you get the most from Google+!

Optimized Profile

As with Facebook, Google+ offers personal profiles separate from business Pages. Are you a local business? Make sure you are categorized properly!

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Google+ Circles

Facebook has friend requests, Twitter has followers and Google+ has CIRCLES. Who should be in your circles? Who can see your circles? How many people can you have in your circles?

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Common Mistakes on Google+

Become an industry leader! Make sure you avoid these common mistakes. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, don’t worry.

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Google+ Auto Awesome

Showcase Your Brand

Google’s Photo Editing

Google+ has tons of features for images. There’s also a great photo editing feature called Auto Awesome.

Auto Awesome creates fun versions of your photos and videos. This allows businesses to showcase their brand in unique ways. At Tufel Media, we used Auto Awesome to create a large moving banner for our profile. We can help you create a banner that shows your brand in action! If you've taken a series of photos in succession, Auto Awesome will bring these photos together to create a short animation. View our Google+ profile here:

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Google brings users and their local businesses together.

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