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Google+ Circles

Google+ has over half-a-billion users and growing! Building a strong community starts with your circles!

Who sees what?

Your Google+ circles are private. You can give your circles any name you want. When you circle someone, they receive a notification that you have added them to your circles. BUT they will never know which circle they are in or what you’ve named the circle. Google+ circles work in a similar way to Facebook and Twitter’s listing feature. On Facebook and Twitter, you can add profiles (and business Pages on Facebook) to personal lists. Google+ saves you a step. No need for lists when you have circles.

Circle Limits

To protect users from abuse, Google+ limits certain things. For example, there is a limit of 5,000 on the total number of people and businesses that you can add to your circles. Because of this limit, the decision on who you add should be made wisely. You are also limited in adding a large amount of people and business pages within a 24 hour period. Another limitation is repeatedly removing and re-adding people to different circles. In these cases, you would have to wait 24 hours before you can continue to add people to your circles.


If you create a community for your business and regularly post rich content for all those who join your community, you can quickly become an industry leader. Communities on Google+ are similar to Facebook groups and work in a similar way. With Google+ communities, you can quickly grow your Google+ audience and engagement for your business. Creating a Google+ community would be in addition to your Google+ personal profile and your Google+ business page. Moderating a large online community for your business can be very time consuming. When you hire Tufel Media, you get a team of social media managers for a fraction of what it would cost to hire full-time employees.

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