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Timing Your Posts

We know when your fans are online!

Content-Rich Posts

Content-rich posts are posts or status updates that your Facebook fans will want to read and share with their friends. Facebook fans are those people who have liked your page. Tufel Media takes the time to come up with content-rich posts for the purpose of brand messaging. This means that your posts are somehow related to your brand. We don’t post cute kittens unless they somehow tie into your brand message.

What time is it?

Many business owners have great content available. They have access to the best photos and information. BUT they are so busy during the day that they end up posting the amazing photos 1 AM! A posting at 1 AM, for most businesses, means they will reach a very limited audience. There are specific days of the week and times when Facebook users are online and ready to engage. Tufel Media helps you take advantage of these specific times to reach the most engaged audience possible. We have the blueprints to help you beat your competitors!

Facebook Metrics called Page Insights

Facebook has its own metrics that tell us this. Not only does Facebook know what time of day their users are most engaged, but they also know what day of the week has the most users online, and more specifically for your page. The measurement reports available to all Facebook Pages are called Page Insights. Tufel Media uses these Page Insights along with reports from other sources such as Hootsuite Pro and others, to capture your most engaged audience.

Here’s an example of what your Facebook Page Insights may look like:
When your fans are online
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