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Personal Profile vs. Business Page

Tufel Media Manages Both Your Personal Profile and Business Page together for optimal results and engagement.

Compliant with Facebook Terms of Service

Your personal profile is intended primarily for individual, non-commercial use. Here's a snippet from Facebook's Terms of Service. Yet there are so many people who break this rule. Businesses who have a personal Facebook profile for commercial use risk losing their account if someone was to report them. Your company is too valuable to take such a risk. It is better to start over with a properly categorized Facebook Page than to continue with a personal profile.

Should you delete the personal profile to start a business Page?

Not necessarily. There are certain benefits to having both! You can still keep a personal page as long as you remain compliant with Facebook Terms of Service. Our social media managers can handle this for you.

What’s the difference?

There are a few key differences between a personal profile and a business Page, also called Facebook Page.

Personal profiles are limited to only 5,000 friends.

— Even though Facebook recently added the “Follow” button and placed it right next to the “Add Friend” button, a personal profile can have unlimited followers but only a limited amount of friends. Followers will only ever be allowed to view your public posts.

Personal profiles don’t have access to advertising.

— They don't have ability to place pay-per-click ads or sponsored ads.

Personal profiles don’t have access to Insights.

— Insights are Facebook’s own metrics and analytics of a Page’s performance. These are very important to a Facebook Page.

Personal profiles don’t have access to tabs.

— Tabs appear next to the number of Likes on a Page. Tabs are applications that can be used as a landing page to tell people more about your company. You can add videos and all kinds of promotions to tabs. Tabs are only available for business Pages.

Running contests on a personal profile is prohibited.

— Facebook has changed their Pages Terms and have made it easier for businesses to create and administer promotions on Facebook. You can now run contests and promotions on your Business Page Timelines (you cannot run contests on a personal timeline).

Personal profiles cannot run Facebook Offers.

— Facebook Offers are a way to promote your deals. When fans claim your offers, all their friends can see it. This is great for brand exposure!

Why have both?

Actively using a personal profile and a Facebook Page helps you gain much more interaction. The idea is to use your personal profile in a way that is non-commercial yet leverages the relationships that you may have built with friends on your personal profile. Tufel Media sets up all your privacy settings to keep your personal posts private on your personal profile. We help you control who sees what. When you know your Facebook settings are being managed by professionals, you can have peace of mind that your brand will always maintain a reputation of professionalism. We highly recommend this to entrepreneurs, Real Estate Agents, Authors and business owners.

For Optimal Results

Remember, a personal profile has to be in your name, not your business name, in order to be compliant with Facebook Terms of Service. Your Facebook Page, which is the business Page, should be in your brand’s name. For optimal results, Tufel Media Digital Marketing will manage both!

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