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Privacy & Exclusivity

Are you an offline social networker? We show you how to become a super connector online!


If you’re a social networker offline, and you’re professionally connected, but you’re unsure about social media, SoBeSoMe can help you make the transition. We want you to successfully achieve a social media strategy while feeling at ease and stress-free. Most importantly, we respect your privacy. There’s an application process and your entire submission will be kept confidential. We want to know how to most effectively serve you during the one-on-one sessions. Everyone has their frustrations and part of de-stressing is knowing where your frustrations are. Privacy is very important for all of our SoBeSoMe attendees.


Our privacy and exclusivity is what sets apart SoBeSoMe from other social media conferences or events. Our attendees like to share with each other. They enjoy getting to know one another within our intimate network of SoBeSoMe event attendees. We also continue to stay in touch with one another in a private online group where we can all share information and testimonials in an exclusive, intimate online setting.

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