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Digital Marketing

We help you integrate an effective, high-impact digital marketing campaign!

Email Campaign

There are hundreds of email marketing companies that allow you to design your own email marketing campaigns. Constant Contact, AWeber, Mailchimp, iContact, Infusionsoft, Vistaprint and Godaddy, just to name a few, allow you to create email marketing campaigns. Most of these companies provide templates for emails, and newsletters as well. What sets us apart from the hundreds of email marketing companies is that we offer a cost-effective service where we come up with the concept and the content for your email marketing campaign. We can design the emails and newsletters for you, adding coupons and creating surveys on your behalf. We can also manage your email lists and responses. Other companies offer templates where you would have to put in all the work. We can do all the work for you. With Tufel Media, you get an entire creative team for much less than having to hire employees to handle all the aspects of your email marketing campaigns.

Black Friday Blast

Online Marketing Blast

Tufel Media Digital Marketing offers marketing blasts on special dates such as Black Friday. During the marketing blast, we offer an intense focus of round-the-clock ads on Google and Facebook as well as organic posting on your social networks. For those few days, we not only manage your regular online advertising but we provide a boost of round-the-clock ads to help you generate the most revenue on a day such as Black Friday.

Social Media Campaign

The field of digital marketing continues to grow at a rapid pace. Social media marketing campaigns are constantly evolving with the growing number of social networks. At Tufel Media, we design a strategy for your social media marketing campaign that consists of a combination of organic posts working together with paid ads in order to build momentum and achieve the results you are looking for. Successful online marketing campaigns depend on several factors. It depends on how well you know your market, your target customers and even your competitors. It also depends on what kind of results you are looking to accomplish. Different results require a different plan of action. For example, do you want more traffic to your website? Is SEO more important to you? Or is your number one priority reaching out to your customers through customer engagement? You can achieve both in a successful social media marketing campaign, but it is important to know your order of importance in order to achieve the highest and best results.

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