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Social Media Ads

We can help you with the entire scope of your digital marketing campaign.

Across Multiple Channels

There are several factors that determine where your business should spend most of its social media ad dollars. We can help you choose from the different platforms such as LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Twitter ads and Facebook ads. We’ve analyzed big brand strategies. We can show you what the most successful brands in your industry are doing on social media. Even if you’re selling b2b (business-to-business), and you want your ads on LinkedIn, it is important to understand your target audience. Most professionals on LinkedIn are there for themselves first, and for their employer or business second. Your ads still need to appeal to the professional decision on maker. You’re appealing to a person, not necessarily a business, even though you’re selling to a business. Achieving the highest results from your ads takes more than just ad dollars. That’s where our expertise comes in.

Social Media Digital marketing

Facebook Pay-Per-Click Ads

We can create, manage, and closely monitor highly targeted Facebook pay-per-click ads on your behalf. These Facebook ads are geared to generating more likes but they need to be carefully worded in a language that will get customers to not only visit your Facebook page but actually click the “like” button once they’re there. We can manage all aspects of your ad such as your daily cap and other insights. Facebook pay-per-click ads can significantly increase your number of fans and followers. Building momentum by combining organic posts with Facebook ads can be a time consuming task. We use highly effective techniques that have been proven by various successful Facebook users. If you are a local company, for your example, a particular focus will be made in targeting those that are within your immediate area. We focus on your company’s individual marketing needs!

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