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Google Adwords

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Pay-Per-Click Ads

There are no guarantees when it comes to Google ranking. There are many components to Google’s pay-per-click ads. Be wary of any agency who tells you that they guarantee to get your ads at the top of Google Search results. It is not just about having the highest bid. You must have a combination of high quality user experience, a relevant ad with relevance to keywords, as well as the landing page. All of this in addition to a high bid. The highest bid with low user experience, and a high bounce rate, doesn’t guarantee a place at the top. Google determines these, and many other factors. Our team at Tufel Media helps manage every aspect of your Google pay-per-click ads. There is one guarantee, our honesty and integrity… and professionalism!

Return on Investment

Impressions Vs. Clicks

An impression is how often your ad is shown on a search result page. Your ad can also be shown on other sites on the Google Network such as blogs and other niche sites. Ads that appear on blogs and news sites are Display ads. When your ad is shown either on a search result or a display ad, it receives an impression. When paying for ads, it is important to keep in mind that you are only paying when someone actually clicks on your ad. Each time your ad appears on Google or the Google Network, it's counted as one impression. Too many impressions and not enough clicks can be detrimental to your ad. We constantly analyze the results for the best performance of your ads. The amount of money you pay per click depends on many factors. Please call us for more information (305) 306-7677.

***Ask us about discounts from our various vendors such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. Discounts are subject to change and may be discontinued at any time.

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