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Getting Ready for Graph Search on Facebook:

Privacy Part 1


Getting Ready for Graph Search on Facebook: Privacy Part 1

Have you heard about the new update coming to Facebook? It’s called ‘Graph Search’ and it is being beta tested with small groups of desktop PC users first, but will eventually be available to everyone. You can sign up to be on the waiting list for the beta test by going to, but in the meantime, you can adjust your account settings so that you will have some control over who finds you with Graph Search.

With Graph Search coming out, it is important to go to each Page you have created in your Facebook account (they are listed on the left side of the main screen you see after you log in under the heading “Pages” and below the “Favorites” and “Adverts” headings) and make sure that the information in the “About” and “Map” sections of your pages, especially the business-related ones, is complete, current and accurate. The more accurate it is, the more easily people will find your page. This is also where a professional media manager can help by making the ‘About’ put your best foot forward. This is what people first see when they consider ‘Liking’ your page.

This is a two part blog. In the first part, we’ll look at changing the basic privacy settings. Part II will be about changing Timeline and Tagging settings.

After you log in, look at the blue bar across the top of your Facebook pane (it’s below your search bar for your Internet browser). On the far right side, to the right of the word ‘Home’ click (when I say ‘click’ I mean press the left button on your mouse or tap the touch pad) on the little white gear icon. When the box appears, move your cursor down to the words “Account Settings” and click on it.

Facebook Top Menu Bar

General Account Settings

Make sure that the information in here is current and accurate too by clicking on the word “edit” in blue to the right of each line of information. When you edit the line for “Name”, consider putting the name of your business in the box for “Alternative Name” and putting a check mark in the box “Include on my Timeline”. This will help people find your business.

General Settings

Now, click on the white gear icon again and click on “Privacy Settings”. You will see a list of questions in the main frame of the pane. To the right of these is the word “edit” in blue.

Privacy Settings
Click on each of these to select who can do each of the things.

Who can see my stuff?

"Who can see my future posts?" click the little box at the bottom of the sample Facebook post and change it to ‘Friends’. If you choose‘Friends of Friends’, then people you may not actually know will see them, but still not as many as will see them if you choose "Public".

"Review all your posts and things you are tagged in",you can click on ‘Use Activity Log’ and search for posts that you’d rather not let the public see, then click the ‘edit’ icon on the upper right corner of each and change them. You can decide who you want to see each post as you originally post it on Facebook as well, but this setting is handy in case you change your mind about something.

"Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline", if you click on ‘Limit Past Posts’, it will change all of your older posts from Public or Friends of Friends to just Friends. This is handy if you think you might have some personal posts a while back, but are not sure how far back.

Who can look me up?

"Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?", and "Who can look you up your Timeline…" change both to ‘Friends’. If this Facebook account is for business, then change them to ‘Public’. When you click on ‘Edit’ for the question below that, it will give you a box to check. If you want people to find your Facebook page more easily by using their favorite search engine, click in the check box. If you want your page to be more private, remove the check.

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